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Zawinul 2

Joe Zawinul (1932 - 2007)

Joe Zawinul (of course) made another band, when Weather Report split up in 1986. First he formed his "Weather Update" - and after that he made " The Zawinul Syndicate" - a very great band and still touring. They have made very great records - of course with Zawinul's keyboards in front, but also featuring african rhythms, vocals, guitar and other "experimental" things from far away countries.

Zawinul has also tried out with classical music - with a whole philharmonic orchestra ("Stories of the Danube", 1996). I don't like that. It doesn't appeal to me (although I love Debussy, Ravel and Sibelius) - I find Zawinul's approach TOO spacy and way out. But still I admire most of the music, that he has made through the years. Just hear the vocal tune on Weather Report's album "Domino theory" (1984): Can it be done. .....? Yes it can !!  

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